Who we help

African children, especially orphans. We help by providing curriculum and supplies and assisting African teachers and teachers-in-training. The need for teachers in Africa far exceeds the supply. Many governments are financially overwhelmed by their nationl needs for buildings, curriculum and teacher's salaries. In some countries, the community school movement is gathering momentum: local groups organise schools with whatever limited resources they have available.  By partnerships with national NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations), we transfer donor funds and materials to meet local educational needs.

Where we help

Our main focus and office has been in Zambia in south-central Africa,  Now schools in Malawi, Ghana and in South Sudan also look to us for assistance, as well. Since 2001 more than 20,000 students and their communities have benefited.

How we help

  • EWB is a registered Charity (87201 4923 RR0001-Canada) targeting education for the underprivileged in Africa


  • We organize gifts of supplies and quality curriculum with a character-building focus.


  • Pupil books for the primary curriculum are printed in Zambia.


  • Gifts of classrooms, furnishings and other physical needs for education


  • We provide annual teacher training, and honoraria to supplement low wages paid by parents/school committees.