After more than 11 years of working with Zambian village schools, we asked ourselves what more we could do. With some of our larger schools in urban African compounds, we had proven that Linux thin client servers do provide an efficient means of introducing computers into early grades. But could we take our teacher training manuals and workshops for Zambia and make them available for some of our village classrooms? What kind of solar solutions might be necessary for classrooms where electrical power has not arrived?

As we presented our vision to others and the Ukumfwana (Bemba=working together) Literacy project was birthed, various supporters came alongside and the research revealed there was both opportunity and solutions to meet our goals.
Juniper Networks Foundation was among the first to come alongside. Ubuntu and Windows 7 were placed on 30 netbooks destined for classrooms in Zambia and Ghana. Training was begun in Lusaka and various library, film and training materials were assembled onto the hard drives. Updates are still accomplished by travelling pen drives but the 3G updates are a dream just around the corner in Zambia and Ghana.

Who are we?
We exist to contribute to the needs of primary literacy classrooms in Africa through teacher skills upgrading, curriculum development and provision of basic classroom supplies.
We are an international educational ministry whose goal is to assist local African community groups and especially churches in their ministry of education. We are committed to a transdenominational and transcultural ministry.