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THE NEW PROMISE HUB – Library in a box (small box)

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


Can you spot….
1 Battery (usually solar-charged)?
1 Raspberry PI and wire and USB key and SD boot card ? Range = approximately 1 football field
1 wireless tablet (usually solar-charged)(Maximum simultaneous devices = about 14 tablets or computers or Smart-phones)?

EWB appreciates grant toward UKUMFWANA Phase II

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Wonderful news! Our Zambian schools will soon receive more solar-powered technology and curriculum, thanks to a major grant awarded by Juniper Networks Foundation Fund. This is their second grant allocated to the Ukumfwana project.

Ukumfwana (working together) started with providing netbooks, teacher training and some solar power.
This new funding will allow us to provide solar power to 4 more sites and smart phones to some village schools. These phones will allow photo taking/transmission, file sharing, communications with head office, etc. The funding also gives a boost to our curriculum budget. Finally, more computers and tablets will be provided to classrooms.
(Technical detail updates are released periodically on this blog )